I didn’t become a teacher so I could win awards. Rather, I wanted to nurture, empower, and inspire today’s students to positively shape tomorrow’s world. This Presidential Award recognizes that whether I’m on the mountaintop of success in my profession or deep in the trenches, I’m doing the work I’m called to do. This Presidential Award recognizes the people who have nurtured, inspired, and empowered me, which has in turn enabled me to do the same for my own students and community.

Tricia Turley Anderson, AK | 7-12, Mathematics, 2019

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Tricia Turley has been an educator for 11 years. Starting this year, she will be teaching at Ironton High School in Ohio. Previously, she spent nine years at Anderson School in Alaska teaching her students mathematics, language arts, social studies, physical science, and physical education. She also taught at Huntington High School for two years. Teaching mathematics in a multi-age classroom currently has Tricia teaching five different lessons in her one mathematics period each day. Tricia has led her physical science class through several engaging activities this year including students exploring Newton’s laws of motion through building slow-motion roller coasters and demonstrating their knowledge of buoyancy through designing and constructing cargo ships and measuring the amount of weight it takes to sink their ship. These hands-on activities get Tricia’s students excited about science and enthusiastic to keep learning. In earth science classes, Tricia brought the local area to life for her students while identifying rocks found at the local river, studying trees, birds, and mushrooms found on a nature trail at the school and making signs for passersby to learn about the local flora and fauna. Currently, Tricia is working with a team to develop a protocol for restorative practices for use in her school. She has attended teaching and instruction conferences for several years and regularly participates in professional learning communities within her district. She has also participated in the International Polar Year and the Alaska Science Literacy Project. Tricia earned a B.A., cum laude, in education from Marshall University and a M.Ed. reading specialist from University of Alaska Southeast. She is a certified mathematics and earth science teacher.

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