Receiving this award proves to me that all of us are capable of understanding and doing mathematics. I had always believed that I could not “do math,” due in part to the negative experiences I had with it while I was a student. Once I recognized the true meaning of mathematics and was shown a positive, powerful way to teach it to children, my life completely changed. This award acknowledges all the hard work put in by myself and my students to do, understand, and appreciate mathematics.

Eric Schultz Santa Fe, NM | K-6, Mathematics, 2018

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Eric Schultz has been an educator for seven years. He began his career teaching fifth grade at St. Bonaventure School, and has taught sixth grade mathematics at Pojoaque Valley's Sixth Grade Academy the past four years. Eric was eager to better himself as a teacher because of his experiences working with mathematically connected communities at New Mexico State University. During his three years as a teacher leader, Eric worked collaboratively to learn about best practices for teaching mathematics. He traveled across the state to provide teachers with weeklong professional trainings on this pedagogy. Eric's passion for teaching is inspired by his students, pushing them to dig deep into their own mathematical minds. He works to build a community of engaged, challenged and collaborative learners in his classes. Eric maintains leadership roles at school by facilitating professional learning experiences focused on implementing research-based teaching practices. He also participates in the teacher leader network of the Los Alamos National Labs Math and Science Academy where he works to improve mathematics instruction for students. Eric earned a B.S. in childhood education from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh and is currently working on a M.Ed. in reading/literacy from Eastern New Mexico University. He holds a kindergarten through eighth grade teaching license.