Winning the Presidential Award leaves me feeling unbelievably grateful to be placed in the company of such highly acclaimed educators. This award acknowledges the need for high-quality mathematics instruction at the primary level for all students. Just as importantly, it supports my belief that the teachers at Wildwood Elementary School–and the students with whom they work–are amazingly dedicated and talented.

Patricia Haugh Stillwater, MN | K-6, Mathematics, 2018

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Patricia “Trish” Haugh believes that every child can and should love mathematics. That belief is evident every day in her classroom at Wildwood Elementary School. During her 30 years as a teacher, all spent at Wildwood, Trish has taught first and second graders, created standards-based mathematics assessments, designed digital mathematics lessons for her team, and coached teachers on the use of Complex Instruction. She currently teaches all subjects to her second-grade class. Trish researches and implements best practices, recently focusing on student equity within the elementary classroom. She believes that every student deserves to be challenged and to make progress throughout the school year. She provides support to teachers to meet this need and is regarded as a trusted resource by her colleagues. Trish has served as a facilitator for several professional learning communities and has been a lead teacher on her building and district math curriculum committees. Trish was a co-presenter on the use of Complex Instruction in the primary level classroom at the 2019 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Conference. Trish earned a B.S. in elementary education and a M.Ed. in teacher leadership, both from the University of Minnesota. She is a certified elementary educator and is a member of NCTM and the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics.