To me, the Presidential Award means academic success and excellence in the classroom. This process has helped me grow as an educator. It has helped me to take a deep look at my teaching and how I affect students and the teaching profession alike. This award highlights the impact I have on student achievement. I am extremely proud of my students and their hard work and honored that through this award I get to share what my students and I are learning.

Benjamin Sinnett Greenville, SC | K-6, Science, 2018

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Benjamin "Ben" Scott Sinnett has taught science for 16 years. He currently teaches sixth grade science at Greenville Middle Academy, where he's been teaching for three years. He previously taught for five years at Cowpens Middle school, for four years at Lebanon Junior High School in New Hampshire, and for four years at C.M. Eppes Middle School. In the past, he has received STEM related grants from Lowes and the Soil and Water Conservation Council of Spartanburg, SC. He has been honored to serve on leadership teams at each of his schools and has been privileged to have been named “Teacher of the Year” twice over his career. Communicating a love of teaching science to all children, Ben has helped to develop science courses for his last two districts and currently serves as a sixth-grade team leader. However, the thing he loves most about teaching is exploring the world of science alongside his students, making it real and relevant to them. He holds a B.S. and M.A.Ed. in education from East Carolina University and is a National Board Certified educator. He is certified to teach middle school science, middle school English language arts, and has a middle school gifted and talented endorsement.