I was detoured many times but never denied an opportunity to pursue a teaching career. I feel blessed and filled with gratitude to receive the Presidential Award. Receiving this award recognizes me for my hard work and dedication to the noble profession: a profession that I love. I am thankful for those who have supported me, encouraged me, and contributed to my goals and classroom needs.

Shernore Prince St. Thomas, VI | K-6, Mathematics, 2018

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Shernore Prince, an educator for seven years, has spent her career teaching at the Joseph Sibilly Elementary School. She has taught sixth grade mathematics and science, and this fall will teach third grade mathematics and science. Shernore practices her school motto daily: "Excellence through Teamwork". She works closely with her colleagues to share ideas and feedback on instruction, data, and varied school related matters. Shernore was recognized as the 2018-2019 ST. Thomas/ST. John District Teacher of the Year. Her classroom environment can best be described as engaging, stimulating, and nurturing. She has used varied instructional methods in her classroom. Students in her class engage in a daily rotation of activities, giving each child an opportunity to integrate technology in their learning, meet for assistance in a smaller setting, engage in content related games, or practice, collaborate, and discuss with their peers. Shernore earned a B.A. in elementary education from University of the Virgin Islands and a M.A. in curriculum instruction from Southern New Hampshire University. She is currently working on her doctoral degree in educational administration and leadership from Walden University. She is certified by the Virgin Islands Board of Education in elementary education.