This award is an amazing honor as well as a celebration and recognition of what leads to becoming a successful teacher: dedication, talented mentors, supportive family, collaborative colleagues and enthusiastic students. The award is as inspiring to me as I hope to be to my students. It is a challenge to take my teaching to the next level. This recognition provides an opportunity to work with a remarkable group of educators to make mathematics more meaningful and accessible to all students.

William Daly Charlottesville, VA | 7-12, Mathematics, 2017

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

William Daly has been an educator for over 28 years. He has taught at Albemarle High School for the past 19 years and previously taught at Fluvanna County High School. He currently teaches Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Mathematics Analysis to students in 9-10th-grade in the Math Engineering and Science Academy (MESA) at Albemarle High School. William is passionate about teaching. He fosters a collaborative atmosphere in his classroom where students discover mathematics through investigations and meaningful discussions. He uses a variety of technologies in the classroom that enable students to explore mathematics and enhance learning. William also leads professional development activities to help colleagues incorporate technology and discussion in mathematics classrooms. He has worked on a variety of curriculum projects and wrote the curriculum for the MESA program, incorporating physics and principles of engineering into the mathematics curriculum. He leads a mathematics club where he promotes a passion for mathematics. His students participate in competitions, host mathematics talks, tutor peers, and organize mathematics activities for middle school students. William earned a B.A. in mathematics and a M.T. in mathematics secondary education from the University of Virginia. He is certified to teach grades 7-12 and is a National Board Certified Teacher in mathematics.