My goal as an educator is to transfer my passion for science to my students. I am also committed to helping other science teachers. The PAEMST refuels my dedication to my chosen profession, which directly transfers to my drive to help other teachers and students. Winning the PAEMST provides opportunities that I would like to explore in helping other science teachers become masters of their field.

Elizabeth Brown Pylesville, MD | 7-12, Science, 2017

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Elizabeth "Beth" Brown was an educator for eight years and spent the last four years teaching at North Harford High School. She has taught chemistry, physics and forensic science. Before North Harford, Beth taught at Edgewood High School for four years. Recently, Beth decided to leave the classroom briefly to help other teachers by writing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)-aligned curriculum and starting a website aimed at helping high school students and science teachers alike. Beth's teaching philosophy is focused on making science exciting and sharing her passion with her students and other teachers. In addition to writing and piloting NGSS-aligned curriculum for her district, she has mentored many teachers over the years. As a mentor, adviser, and coach, Beth takes pride in the personal connections she made with many of her students. She is especially proud of the "Women in Science" luncheon that she started during her tenure at North Harford geared towards supporting young women interested in careers in science. Beth has recently become an instructor for one of the many U.S. Army summer camps for students interested in science and engineering. Beth earned a B.A. in chemistry from Alfred University and a M.S. in chemistry from Montana State University. She is a certified high school chemistry and physics teacher.