I am so thankful and humbled to receive the Presidential Award. This award represents every teacher who strives to make each day better than the last in the lives of their students. I have learned that being an effective teacher means you have to be a skilled instructor, while taking the time to connect with your students. I am thankful to all who have inspired and encouraged me to continue growing as an educator. I am so honored and proud to accept an award for doing what I love most.

Anna Brignole Germantown, TN | K-6, Mathematics, 2016

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Anna Brignole has served as an educator for the last 12 years. She began her career at Drummonds Elementary School and Southwind Elementary School teaching third through fifth grade. For the past four years, she has been teaching fourth grade mathematics at Farmington Elementary School. She has experience serving as a general education teacher, inclusion teacher, and a gifted instructor. Through the use of Common Core curriculum, Anna is able to provide her students with a classroom culture that promotes student engagement and empowerment. The students feel in control of their learning and are able to gain deeper mathematical connections. By using rich mathematical tasks, students are able to apply multiple pathways toward solutions that enable meaningful learning to take place through student led discussions. This past year Anna became the Math Content Lead Teacher at Farmington. She works closely with mathematics teachers at her school to develop and implement teacher learning opportunities. Anna attends monthly meetings with other mathematics instructors around the district to ensure teacher and student growth. Anna received her B.S. in communications from the University of Tennessee and went on to earn her M.A. in education, sigma cum laude, from Union University. She is certified to teach kindergarten through eighth grade elementary education.