I am humbled to have been nominated for this distinction. The Presidential Award is a testament to the incredible students and colleagues that have challenged, motivated, and inspired me over the past 12 years. This is award shines a light on the life-changing work that we, as educators, do each and every day. It motivates me to continue to work to improve my practice so that I can do more every day and every year for every student that sets foot in my classroom.

Shira Printup Washington, DC | 7-12, Mathematics, 2015

Shira Printup has taught mathematics in Washington, D.C. for 12 years where her classroom experience ranges from Algebra I to Concepts of Calculus. She currently teaches Geometry to freshmen and sophomores and Concepts of Calculus to juniors and seniors at McKinley Technology High School where she has taught for nine years. Shira is the Mathematics Department Chair and serves as a mentor to newer teachers in her school. Shira takes pride in making mathematics accessible to all students. She systematically breaks down students’ hesitations and fears of math so that students in her classroom are consistently mastering complex material and explicating their thinking in front of peers. She is able to validate student input while developing and encouraging inquiry through productive cognitive struggle, and her formula has yielded incredible achievement gains for students. In 2011, Shira was named the District of Columbia Public Schools Teacher of the Year and a Milken Educator Award winner. She is also the namesake of The New Teacher Project’s (TNTP) Fishman Prize for Superlative Practice which honors amazing teachers in high-needs schools with $25,000 and a unique summer residency. Shira earned a B.S., summa cum laude, in mechanical engineering from Tufts University and a M.Ed. in secondary math education from George Washington University. She is currently certified to teach grades 6–12 mathematics.