Nomination for this award is the greatest honor of my career. It represents the ultimate validation of my pedagogical approach, along with the feedback received from current students, as well as former students who have pursued careers in STEM fields. I would be remiss not to acknowledge the numerous students, colleagues, and former teachers who have contributed to my growth as an educator. This recognition will spur me forward as an educational leader and role model for colleagues and students.

Katharine Dean Gresham, OR | 7-12, Science, 2015

Katharine Dean has taught secondary science for 18 years, having spent the past three years teaching at Centennial High School. She currently teaches freshman Biology and junior/senior Anatomy and Physiology. Katharine strives to address the needs of all types of learners. She creates a collaborative learning community where all students can bring their strengths to the scientific process. She finds great satisfaction in the art of teaching by using her creative expression to provide classroom experiences that build confidence in her students and help them to recognize their innate ability to understand and participate in authentic science. Katharine has served at the local, county, and state levels to support the implementation of the Common Core, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and proficiency-based strategies. She is a member of the District Steering Committee to implement NGSS-aligned elementary curriculum, and is currently serving as the Building Science Instructional Leader. She has supported numerous student teachers and recently presented at the Western Region Noyce Conference about her use of education research to support classroom practice. Katharine earned a B.S. and M.S. in animal science from the University of California at Davis. She is certified to teach grades K–12 Biology and 7–12 Agricultural Science and Technology. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher.