The Presidential Award provides confirmation of the appreciation and respect for the tremendous amount of work and dedication of countless educators. It is an incredible honor to be chosen for this prestigious award among so many amazing educators and it validates my passion for education and mathematics. This would not have been possible without the contributions of many talented educators that I have learned from in the past, who have challenged me to continue to learn, grow, and share.

Wendy Osterman Clarkston, MI | 7-12, Mathematics, 2015

Wendy Osterman has 17 years of experience teaching grades 6–12 mathematics and computer courses. She has taught at Sashabaw Middle School for the last 12 years. She currently teaches 7th grade Advanced Mathematics and Algebra I. She has also taught in Rochester, Coldwater, and Lake Shore School Districts. Wendy’s passion for education is observed in her classroom where she enthusiastically supports her young mathematicians as they learn and deepen their understanding by making connections, questioning, and learning from mistakes. Using learning targets, formative assessment, and student conferencing, Wendy provides timely and individual feedback to students in an effort to constantly move learning forward. In addition to teaching, Wendy has several leadership roles. She is Math Department Chair, Professional Learning Communities Coordinator, and Cultures of Thinking Coordinator. These roles allow her to collaborate with teachers and administrators, continuing to nurture her own growth mindset. Wendy has presented various conference topics that include learning targets, formative assessment, and data-driven instruction. Wendy earned a B.S. in mathematics and computer science education from Western Michigan University and a M.A. in education from Michigan State University. She is currently certified to teach mathematics and computer science in grades 6–12.