It is an incredible honor to be recognized with such a prestigious award. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the support that I have been given in my school community to be a learner in my own classroom. It recognizes the energy and passion I have for mathematics and highlights and celebrates what can happen when students and teachers partner to make learning fun, engaging, and rigorous. This award reminds me of the responsibility we have to persevere, take risks, and celebrate our work together.

Marielle Edgecomb Prospect Harbor, ME | 7-12, Mathematics, 2015

Marielle Edgecomb is in her 25th year as an educator having served in both administrative and classroom teacher roles. She has completed 13 years at the Peninsula School, currently serving as the middle level mathematics teacher with students ranging from 6th grade math to Algebra 1. Marielle works to provide her students with experiences that are socially and academically engaging. Mistakes are celebrated, messes are common place, and all students know what it means to struggle. Mathematics are celebrated every day in her classroom and on special Math Holidays that engage the entire school in learning.   Marielle has been a leader in mathematics through her involvement with the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine (ATOMIM). She has served as a District Representative for Down-East Maine and has recently been named President Elect for ATOMIM. Marielle has presented a number of workshops on proficiency-based programming and has served as a Teacher Mentor and District Facilitator for staff development in the area of proficiency-based education and implementation of the Common Core standards. Marielle holds a Bachelor of Science, cum laude, in elementary education and a Master’s in educational leadership from the University of Maine. She is a certified kindergarten through 8th grade teacher. She also holds a principal certification and a Math Leadership Certificate.