The PAEMST means that I am just hitting my stride. I have been fortunate to have great mentors throughout my career, and I am currently surrounded by supportive colleagues in my school and nationally. The work I am doing with my students is a direct result of the encouragement I've received. Being recognized is inspiring, but not nearly as inspiring as the students I get to work with every day. Ultimately, my success will be measured by their success, both in the classroom and beyond.

Ryan Reardon Irondale, AL | 7-12, Science, 2015

Ryan Reardon has held a variety of positions over his 18 year career in education, and has taught science at the Jefferson County International Baccalaureate (JCIB) School since 2012. He currently teaches a combined Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Biology course for seniors, and also developed and teaches a course entitled Research and Design Principles in Biology for underclassmen. Regardless of the course title, you will find Ryan and his students deeply engaged in doing science. His classroom is a place where everyone works together to execute experiments, collect and analyze data, and communicate valid scientific arguments based on the evidence at hand. Ryan also supports his colleagues in carrying out a schoolwide science fair, and he sponsors the JCIB Science Olympiad Team. On the national level, Ryan advocates for the integration of mathematics and computer science in science education. In addition to leading workshops at the National Association of Biology Teachers and National Science Teachers Association national meetings, Ryan serves as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Biointeractive Teacher Ambassador and as a Professional Technology Educator for PASCO Scientific. Ryan holds a B.A. in biology from Rhodes College and a M.S. in biology from the University of Alabama. He is certified in General Science and is National Board Certified in science, with an emphasis in biology.