The Presidential Award is a huge honor and an amazing achievement in my career. It serves as a reflection of my true passion for mathematics and for education. The support of my colleagues and administration has helped me to become the teacher that I am. Additionally, my students continue to challenge me to reach for excellence. Receiving an award of this caliber is exhilarating. The high expectations I have of myself and my students have paid off and will continue to pay off in the future.

Jamie Rentzel Norman, OK | 7-12, Mathematics, 2015

Jamie Rentzel has been teaching mathematics at Norman High School for the past 11 years. She currently teaches Advanced Placement Calculus AB and Algebra II to sophomores through seniors. This includes two sections of co-taught Algebra II for students on an Individualized Education Plan. Jamie strives to reach all students through engaging lessons and activities in order to deepen their appreciation for mathematics. She gave up her plan for three years to teach an extra class and now makes time to mentor new math teachers. She has also partnered with the University of Oklahoma to mentor several student teachers. Additionally, she has been the Mathematics Department Chair for the past three years, and continues to successfully lead her department through the recent changes in the state’s standards. Jamie is a valued member in her school, district, and state. She has been a Norman High School Teacher of the Year Finalist for the past four years. She has presented at the district and state level about her successes in co-teaching and has also been selected for various committees to review and recreate the new standards. Jamie earned a B.A., with special distinction, in mathematics education from the University of Oklahoma. She is currently certified in intermediate and advanced mathematics for grades 6–12. Jamie is a National Board Certified Teacher in mathematics/adolescence and young adult.