The Presidential Award is a great honor. Aspiring to this award challenged me to develop the very qualities that I wished to instill in my students — to continually develop critical thinking abilities which enable us to make informed decisions based on evidence; to be reflective in my thought process; and to constantly improve on what I have done. Receiving this award is affirmation from outstanding educators that I have inspired and motivated my students to become lifelong learners.

Julia Ogden Woodcliff Lake, NJ | K-6, Science, 2014

Julia Ogden has been teaching science at Woodcliff Middle School for 14 years. She currently teaches sixth grade science and is the facilitator for the school Environmental Club. Julia brings her passion for science to the classroom, where she strives to engage all her students in activities and discussions that will guide them in developing a better understanding of the world around them. Beyond teaching, Julia seeks to motivate and inspire her students to become the best that they can be. She has participated in many professional learning institutes, such as the Maitland Simmons, the New Jersey Audubon, and the Honeywell Institutes, bringing that learning experience back to the students and her fellow educators through workshops and New Jersey Science Convention presentations. These kinds of activities lead to unique learning opportunities for her students such as Project Wet Festivals, NASA parties complete with moon rocks, and programs such as Eco-Schools and Selene. These endeavors earned the middle school many awards and grants, and Julia was celebrated "Person of the Year." Julia has a B.S. in psychology from Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ. She received her teaching certification from Felician College in Lyndhurst, NJ, where she was selected Student Teacher of the Year. Julia is certified in kindergarten through eighth grade elementary education and high school biology.