The Presidential Award symbolizes the passion, dedication, and collaboration of the teaching profession. To receive this honor emphasizes the important role teachers play in developing today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. Being recognized with this award illustrates the importance of teachers being lifelong learners in education. I have been lucky enough to work with many teachers, administrators, parents, and students who inspire and motivate me to continue learning. 

Ann Johnson Dubuque, IA | K-6, Mathematics, 2014

Ann Johnson has been an elementary teacher for the last 16 years, teaching both first and second grade in Lake Forest, IL, and Dubuque, IA. She has taught second grade at Sageville Elementary School for the past four years. Ann has experience looping from first to second grade, co-teaching mathematics, and mentoring new teachers.  Ann's students learn mathematics skills through hands-on activities, collaborating with other students and making connections to previous learning and the world around them. In Ann's classroom, students can work toward a common learning target on differentiated paths.  Ann has provided multiple professional development sessions in the area of mathematics both at the building and the district level. Ann serves as a teacher leader in two capacities: as a Cognitive Guided Instruction Initiative Leader for the district, as well as a Math Content Leader for her building. Both of these leadership roles consist of Ann hosting teachers in her classroom during mathematics instruction as well as visiting other schools in the district to model and assist with planning lessons. Ann has been a member of the Iowa Outstanding Educators Advisory Council, Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Sageville’s Building Leadership Team. Ann has a B.A. from the University of Iowa in elementary education and a M.A. in literacy from Northeastern Illinois University.