It is hard for me to describe the pride I feel being recognized for this honor. I see this award as validation of not just me, but of the outstanding educators and students I have worked with who have helped me become the teacher I am today. I hope this recognition can shine light on all of the great ways in which we as teachers can help students learn and grow, and allow the next generation of children that we work with to be stronger and greater than we are.  

Eric Imbrescia Penn Laird, VA | K-6, Mathematics, 2014

Eric Imbrescia has been an educator for 13 years, teaching students ranging from kindergarten to college seniors. He is currently a mathematics methods instructor at James Madison University, where he works to prepare their pre-kindergarten through sixth grade preservice teachers. Previously, Eric taught at Peak View Elementary School, where he spent 11 years as a third grade teacher and one year as a kindergarten teacher.  As an elementary mathematics educator, Eric prides himself on teaching in a student-centered classroom where he allows his students to build their understanding through the use of problem-solving-based learning. He encourages classroom discourse and creativity, and allows his students to build and connect their own ideas to those of their peers. He has worked with local teachers to share his approach to mathematics education and has presented at state and local conferences. Eric has been recognized as the 2013 William C. Lowry Mathematics Educator of the Year by the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics; H. Joseph Hill Award for Excellence in Mathematics Education by the Valley of Virginia Teachers of Mathematics; and Peak View Elementary School Teacher of the Year in 2012. Eric has a B.F.A. in art, an endorsement in early childhood education, and a M.Ed. as a kindergarten through eighth grade mathematics specialist, all from James Madison University.