Being considered for the Presidential Award has been an inspirational experience. As a professional development opportunity, it gave me the chance to strengthen my beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics. It expanded my learning network to teachers locally and nationally, and has further enhanced my instructional repertoire. I am honored to receive the Presidential Award which is also a tribute to my supportive family, my wonderful students, and teaching colleagues, past and present.

Barbara Pellegrino Warwick, RI | K-6, Mathematics, 2014

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Barbara Pellegrino has been working for Warwick Public Schools for 18 years. She has taught first grade at Harold F. Scott Elementary School for the last 11 years. Previously, she taught at Holliman Elementary School. Barbara has engaged young learners in mathematics using authentic, hands-on learning activities. She has guided her first grade students in solving mathematical problems and connecting to content using tangible manipulatives. Her students then transition to the use of representational notation, thus building their foundation for future learning. Throughout her career, Barbara has served on Warwick’s Mathematics Leadership and Mathematics Curriculum Teams. She has worked as a cooperating teacher with Rhode Island College, providing student teaching candidates with a model classroom environment and mentoring guidance to prepare them for their future teaching careers. In 2010, Barbara instituted Scott School Math Night, a night of fun mathematics learning activities for students and their families. She has led and collaborated with fellow teachers and Parent Teacher Association members to enhance the enjoyment of mathematics at Scott School. Barbara holds a B.A. in elementary education and communication, with honors, from Rhode Island College.  She is certified in elementary (grades 1-6) education.