All my life I have been curious about the world we live in and share with nature. As a teacher, I get to spark that curiosity in our youth and help them to learn the importance of always seeking out the realities of this wondrous place and the secrets it holds. As a recipient of the Presidential Award, this recognition unearths profound internal joy in me and lifts my soul to singing gleefully to the future education and success of our nation's children. 

Linda Truxel McCall, ID | K-6, Science, 2014

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

With 21 years' teaching experience, Linda Truxel is dedicated to place-based science education. She has been at Barbara Morgan Elementary School for 14 years, and is currently teaching fourth grade, where she uses creative approaches to transform students’ lives and inspire learners. Previously, she taught at Lowell Scott Middle School and Vallivue Middle School. Collaborative teaching is an integral component of Linda’s approach, teaming up with community members to bolster student discovery and understanding. She has connected her students with experts in the fields of engineering, astronomy, biology, and chemistry, as well as community leaders, to bring the classroom to life. As a member of Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy Team Idaho, Linda has planned and delivered professional development training. She is currently working with government agencies on an innovative project that teaches her students about invasive species of weeds and the nitrogen cycle. The Knapweed Project allows students to learn about botany, soil characteristics, and land stewardship. Her dream is to see her school become a leader in science and mathematics education. Linda strives to challenge her students and self to create a positive learning space that encourages lifelong learning and inspires curiosity. Linda has a B.A. elementary education and a M.A. in curriculum and instruction.