Past Awardee Highlights

<a href="">Crystal McMachen</a>

Crystal McMachen

South Dakota | 2014

PAEMST awardee Crystal McMachen now serves as the President-Elect for the South Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics. She is also a virtual coach and mentors fellow STEM teachers across South Dakota. Most recently, Crystal was selected to be a member of the South Dakota Mathematics Leadership cohort, sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Education.

<a href="">Denise Scribner</a>

Denise Scribner

Kansas | 2015

Denise Scribner has continued to be a motivating force for STEM and recently received the 2017 Excellence in Teaching Agriculture in the Classroom and the 2017 Henry Ford Innovation Teacher of the Year Grand Prize. Her innovative instructional methods and strategies continue to support 21st century learning through experiential learning and problem solving.